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To assess the importance of this study, a survey was conducted between November 1, 2006 and January 31, 2007, in Canada and the UK, to ask public health professionals whether or not they do consider this to be an issue.

The responses received from this survey will help determine the direction of the research in two ways:

  1. Whether or not the research is perceived as useful in its current state, and
  2. What specific health event is of particular recurring interest for investigation using proposed   methodologies.

Also, participants were given the option of further participating in the research if they wish by piloting any developed methods for achieving the research goals. Participants will not otherwise have any direct role in the design and development of the research itself.


Many thanks to all who participated in the survey.


Survey Results Published

The manuscript has been published in
BMC Public Health

View the paper versions of the survey:

(Requires PDF viewer, available here)

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